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March Jay Peak Ski Trip, Vermont  · Any

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2017-10-02 – Tue Dec 19 23:59:59 EST 2017 early bird
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21 years old
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Group Fees
Early Bird 346.0 per player + 4.99 Processing Fee
Regular 361.0 per player + 4.99 Processing Fee
Late 386.0 per player + 4.99 Processing Fee
Payment Plans Available
Individual Fees
Early Bird 346.0 + 4.99 Processing Fee
Regular 361.0 + 4.99 Processing Fee
Late 386.0 + 4.99 Processing Fee
Payment Plans Available

We are so excited to announce Biena Snacks will be hooking everyone on the trip up with tons of protein packed snacks to power your weekend!


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Transportation provided by Ridj-it! Carpool up with

Ridj-it. Drivers get paid for helping fellow SBSers, and everyone gets

to hit the slopes! Ridj-it has already taken more than 1,000 cars off

the road while helping hundreds of people get rides for skiing, hiking,

biking, and more. Passengers pay $35, and drivers are compensated for

every seat they fill in their cars! Ridj-it even pays you a little extra

for offering more seats even if they don't get filled. We've figured

out the best spots for riders and drivers to meet, now all you have to

do is join! Check out our page detailing the when and where to your

adventure. Email for more questions!

Sign Up as a Driver or Rider with Ridj-it today!

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